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Gong Fu Training for Self-Defense, Health, Fitness, and Self Mastery

See how our unique style of gong fu (kung fu) training can enhance your life across the board! Have a lot of fun while you learn bridged and effective martial arts with a focus on relevant modern criminal assaults. Learn striking, kicking, grappling and ground fighting. Learn how to wield many common and classical battlefield weapons. Learn empty hand defenses against armed assaults. Our unique Gong Fu system is one of the most complete systems available to learn and is valuable for any martial artist.

Beyond self-defense, the way of life learned in Gong Fu training is a gateway to tremendous personal growth and fulfillment! Learn unique exercise approaches to improve mobility, strength, speed and endurance. Study meditation, qi gong and eastern philosophy to enhance your awareness, mental focus, self-discipline and self-confidence.

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I have trained with Kyle for several years. I began training in Wu Ji Quan Fa in 2000 with Tom Garriga. After training with several practitioners, I found Kyle to be the most skilled and professional. I began learning from him exclusively as Tom had distanced himself from instructing.

I have been a student of combat and martial arts my entire adult life. There are many systems that can give you ability and skill, but Kyle is able to provide both as well as a mental aspect I have yet to find a comparable in anything else. The skill level is top notch but the mental change to your outlook on life and combat can only be found here.

Travis A.- Local Police Supervisor/Former USMC

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