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All Origin Training LLC

Gong Fu Training for Self Defense, Fitness, Qi Gong and Meditation

All Origin Training is a business providing martial arts, self-defense, health, fitness, meditation, qi gong and eastern philosophy training to clients since 2007.   All Origin Training is one of the few options available to learn Wu Ji Quan Fa- a rare and highly effective Gong Fu system originally taught to elite warriors during the warring states period of ancient China.

We would say that our Gong Fu system is the “Art of Staying Alive”. In the smaller sense it is protecting oneself and one’s family during war and when facing criminal assaults, but in the larger sense it is learning how to master oneself and succeed in life.  Our students learn how to use Martial Arts training as a vehicle to develop their most important and often under developed asset – THEMSELVES!  

We know that in the end, from whatever martial art you study, YOUR GROWTH is the end product you come away with from your time, sweat and money spent in training.  We make sure you have a lot of fun in a community of respect and a culture of growth so that you come away with improved health, enhanced skills, memorable experiences, as well as improvements in your confidence and mindset that will benefit you throughout your life.

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Our Team

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Kyle Whiteley

5th Step Head Instructor

Kody Smiling_edited.jpg

Kody Jones

4th Step Senior Instructor

Sarah Women's SD EH Vs Knife_edited.jpg

Sarah Jones

3rd Step Senior Instructor

Chalise Women's SD Tackle Counter_edited.jpg

Chalise Porter

1st Step Instructor

Kyle Henderson Vs Baton Pic_edited.jpg

Kyle Henderson

1st Step Instructor


Adam Paswaters

1st Step Instructor

Alex Restraint Technique_edited.jpg

Alex Christiansen

1st Step Instructor

About: Team Members
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