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Why Wu Ji has such a large curriculum and how it is smaller than you think

When studying and teaching this system people always comment on how large and vast the curriculum is. Also, myself included, many advanced people complain about the size and the seemingly nebulous nature of the curriculum. This blog will discuss why we have such a large curriculum, why it is necessary and also the way that it is looked at from an instructor point of view where it is much smaller than one might think. The goal here is to help each martial artist view their training as a life pursuit that one pursues in balance with other goals throughout their life.

The short answer is that it is a large curriculum in order to have enough to keep practitioners practicing throughout their lives and able to remain constantly challenged. Martial arts is a perishable perspective and skill so it much be practiced throughout life to really yield benefits the same as any other practice. The system is also much smaller in the sense of reaching an acceptable level of completeness as a martial artist where you have a good start on each of the five foundations.

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