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There Are No Points in Real Fighting

Brief discussion about an aspect of proper combat mindset. Often martial artists are overly concerned in training with getting the appearance of winning. Often martial artists do not see the vast difference between a punch you flash quickly in front of your training partner implying you could hit them and the actual blow that would be able to sufficiently penetrate to do damage. The whole value of training is to create good habits that enhances your effectiveness in the real combat environment. Martial Artists can often fall into the trap of attempting to "game their training" and try to "win on points" as a way to feel they would win in a real fight. Strangely enough, this mindset will lead to habits that are less effective when it really counts. Upgrade your mindset by realizing there are no points in the traditional sense. There is a vast difference at times between what looks like it would win and what would actually win. Consider it carefully and be sure you are aiming for the right thing in your martial arts training.

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