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Legal Disclaimer
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Combat Mastery 4- Tactics

  • 20Steps


Learn one of the most complete and age old fighting systems available. This ancient Gong Fu system of Tactics (Zhan Shu) was originally designed for success on a battle field. It was developed through the forge of the countless wars throughout Chinese history. Developed over centuries it comes with a large library of application examples in the form of Sets/Forms (Tao Lu) and Techniques (Ji Shu) so you can come to understand the tactics more in depth. This tactical system will address empty handed assaults of all types including: striking, kicking, grappling, and ground fighting. This tactical system was originally a weapon based system with an emphasis on sword. As such you will be able to learn the use of as well as empty handed defense against weapons including: stick, knife, hatchet/hammer, short sword, sword, spear, staff, quarterstaff, double weapon combinations, throwing weapons, pistols and rifles. This program could keep you busy for a while.... years.... maybe a lifetime.

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