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Legal Disclaimer
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Self Mastery 2- Shaping Personality

  • 34Steps


"One does not find oneself, they create themselves." Perhaps the most useful and critical yet overlooked skill is how to shape and create oneself. Wherever you go, there you are. People don't realize that it is the answer until they encounter it, but Martial Arts Philosophical Training outlines a different and more complete approach to life. Entitled "Warriorship" in our system or often character training in other martial systems . The unique blend of martial arts life philosophy and personal code techniques in this system offers one of the most complete and easy to understand approaches to shaping ones cognitive habits. We know who we want to be, yet negative behavioral, verbal, emotional, psychological and mental habits often sabotage our own efforts. In the end, life is as it is. It is our own adopted philosophy, whether deliberately chosen or randomly inherited that determines our ability to experience life. In the modern world, despite massive information, their is very little wisdom. It takes time to sift through various life philosophies and to get rid of the dysfunctional ones to only be left with the best. Utilize a method of philosophical training that has been refined and collected over 2000 years. We call this philosophical training as opposed to philosophical study as it goes further than mere intellectual study by using advanced personal coding techniques make one's ideal philosophy become a realized part of their personality.

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