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Legal Disclaimer
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Self Mastery 1 - Shaping Paradigm and Spirituality

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The core skill of our Gong Fu system is to shape change. The deepest element of shaping change is to shape one's spirituality i.e. their spiritual paradigm. The paradigm is the gateway to the spiritual dimension, the root of one's self-discipline and self mastery. To upgrade one's paradigm is to increase one's functional awareness of and connection to Totality. Totality is the total reality that we live in. There is nothing that will impact one's quality of life more for better or worse than the state of their paradigm. Whether aware of creating it or not, whether acknowledging of its power over your life or not, your choice on a conscious and unconscious level about what paradigm you will hold is your interface with reality. It is what determines how you are willing to relate to life and what aspects of life are able to relate to you. To attempt to improve one's life without improving the paradigm is to be defeated before the fight even begins. "Our problems will never be solved from the same level of thinking which created the problems to begin with". paraphrase of Albert Einstein. This program will share with you a system of exercises and spiritual lessons which will allow you to recognize what your paradigm is and how it impacts your life. It will further give you the tools to shape and reshape that paradigm. Learn how to shape your paradigm and change your life from the inside out. Learn to "live your life on purpose". This is where it begins.

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